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About Craniosacral Therapy

Welcome to Harmonia.


 The body has an innate and natural ability to balance and heal itself but in these modern times it’s often not easy to access this divine aspect of ourselves.    

We all experience times which are physically stressful and emotionally challenging and we can reach a point where we need to restore balance and homeostasis to our lives. Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful and yet gentle way of working with the body which supports the deeper layers of the body’s innate healing mechanisms. 


Within the subtle layers of the physical body, our physiology has a ‘breath’ of its own which consists of expressive tides and rhythms of movement which are essential to our sense of wellbeing and feelings of vitality. These tides and rhythms not only constitute a language of their own, they are fundamentally a reflection of our very life force as expressed through the body-mind interface and a mirror of our thoughts, emotions and any deeply held patterns around trauma. When ‘dis-ease’ occurs, these movements, which involve the breath itself, the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and other more subtle energy channels can become stuck, blocked or over-energised. It is the homeostasis and harmonic balance of these rhythms and tides which Craniosacral therapy seeks to address. 


A Craniosacral session with Diana will last approximately one hour and you will be lying on a therapy couch, fully clothed whilst she engages with your body via light touch.     



Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful yet gentle way of working with the body which supports the deeper layers of the body’s innate healing mechanisms. 


I can only describe my sessions with Diana as an immense journey and one which stands out as crucially important in the journey of life itself. Diana has a brilliant understanding of how trauma effects the deep sub-systems of the physical body and I generally feel much healthier and energised after seeing her. I feel like she’s helped teach my body how to regulate itself which is nothing short of miraculous. Forever grateful 


Karen, London

I initially went to see Diana for Cranio-sacral therapy on the recommendation of a friend after an acute period of awful insomnia but wasn’t expecting too much. Well, was I surprised! Diana is definitely a very gifted  therapist who works on so many different levels and I feel that the title ‘Cranio-sacral Therapist’ doesn’t really do her justice. We uncovered so much that I hadn’t even realised was there in our sessions and now feel that I’m ready to take on life with much more confidence and gusto. Highly recommended! 


Farida, London

I’ve seen many holistic practitioners over the years but after our first session together, I knew that Diana was of a different calibre altogether. She has a profoundly nurturing presence and perhaps for the first time in my life, I felt both wholly understood and actually treated for the exact issues I’d come to her with. I’ve seen significant changes and progress with my symptoms since seeing Diana and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Andrew, East Sussex

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